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Computer Repair

Computer hardware refers to the physical components that make up a computer. Hardware is used to accomplish the tasks it’s given by the software, as well as a place to store data, etc. It’s not uncommon for these components to need to be replaced or upgraded at some point based on the computers age and use. TDM offers plenty of solutions for your hardware needs including:



  • Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade

  • Motherboard Replacement/Upgrade

  • Ram Replacement/Upgrade

  • CPU (Processor) Replacement/Upgrade

  • Power Supply (PSU) Replacement/Upgrade

Software is quite often seen in two separate categories. System software and application software. System software includes the operation system and all the necessary utilities that enable the computer to function properly. Application software includes programs that allow the user to do actual work, for example Microsoft Office. TDM is here to provide knowledgeable info when it comes to your software needs including:


  • Operating System Installation or Upgrade

  • Program Installation

  • Anti-Virus Software

  • Driver Installation and Updates

TDM provides a booking form online (Book Online) for your convenience to schedule a visit from us to come out and assess the status of your PC or laptop. Select PC Health Assessment from Book Online, or click on this link: PC Health Assessment

You can also contact us using the contact form or give us a call.

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