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Disaster can strike at any time, without warning, and at the worst possible moment, with data and files becoming corrupt, a hard drive crashing and causing physical damage to itself, a virus or malware attacks and slows the computer to a crawl or stops it completely. There are so many things that can stop a computer from operating optimally. 

TDM can reset your computer to factory new conditions, remove malware and virus infections, update software and drivers to the most current. 

It is always best to have your data/files backed up to a safe location off the computer whether this means in cloud storage (on the internet) or on another form of media such as an external hard drive or flash drive.

A power surge or spike in power can destroy electronics. A static electric spark can destroy electronics with as little as 250ma. Having surge suppression is highly recommended to help protect your investment.

TDM provides a booking form online (Book Online) for your convenience to schedule a visit from us to come out and assess the status of your PC or laptop. Select PC Health Assessment from Book Online, or click on this link: PC Health Assessment

You can also call or contact us for a consult.



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