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Photos/images restored - artifacts removed, cracks repaired, color corrected, tones, contrast, highlights balanced, vibrancy adjusted. Photos enhanced, cropped, digital frames added, page curls added and text can be added as well.


Pricing will vary dependent on the amount of correction required but are classed as:

Light amount of correction


Medium amount of correction


Heavy amount of correction.

​Orders can be expected to be completed the following day for proofing, however this may be extended depending on the extent of the work and the number of items to be corrected. There will also be available a Same Day service that will incur an extra fee.

File Upload

For your convenience, a file upload utility is provided above (below this paragraph if using mobile device). Files that are uploaded go into a private holding queue that is private and secure. TDM will contact you as soon as your email is received in regards to your order. Orders are tagged with an identifier to maintain a first come/first serve basis that the TDM team will utilise to process your order. 

You can upload one photo or you may choose to select several photos to add before you begin your upload. A TDM team member will contact you in regards to the details of each photo uploaded. A single upload must be less than 12MB in total files. Maximum single file upload is 12MB​. All standard file formats are supported. Corrupted or infected files will be deleted upon upload. If you did not receive confirmation from TDM in regards to your upload, it was likely halted due to corruption or infection and you will need to scan your files for virus infection before uploading again, TDM will contact you in this event if oyu have provided contact details. 

After your order is completed, a proof will be provided to you, and you will enjoy up to 2 revisions to the proof. Payment can be made using all major credit cards or your Paypal account. Once payment is received, your order will be delivered to you via email. Please ensure email address correctness to eliminate delivery problems.

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