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Computer hardware ages with time and can wear out or become faulty. TDM performs computer health checks to determine the health status of your machine. Several parts of the computer can become faulty affecting the entire operation of the computer and TDM can determine if parts are need to be replaced or upgraded to bring it back to fully functional status. 

Many times a few minor tweaks will result in a fully functional computer and part replacement is not always required, although computers do age rapidly in the electronic industry.


TDM is quite happy to discuss the current condition of your computer after thorough analysis and assist with bringing the computer back to like new operating functionality. 

TDM provides a booking form online (Book Online) for your convenience to schedule a visit from us to come out and assess the status of your PC or laptop. Select PC Health Assessment from Book Online, or click on this link: PC Health Assessment

You may also contact us using the contact form below or call us.

Computer Diagnostics

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