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About Terrene Digital Media

Terrene Digital Media was established in the Atherton Tablelands of Queensland, Australia in 2017. Providing computer consultancy backed with 35 years of computer diagnostic and repair experience, and over 2 decades of electronic manufacturing and troubleshooting.

TDM also provides Graphic Design and digital media manipulation, photo restoration and other digital products backed by year over year of extensive experience in graphical software and 3D modeling including rigging.

At TDM we believe in empowering with knowledge and believe that the customer is first priority and therefore TDM will provide information that will empower you to use, care for and get the longest life from your computer equipment, not just a repair and a receipt. It is with the vast knowledge at TDM that TDM also offers tutoring service based on your needs and desires.

Terrene was chosen as the company name because of how we feel about the importance of our mother Earth and preserving and protecting it for future generations.

terrene [te-reen, tuh-, ter-een] - adjective

1. earthly; worldly.

2. earthy.

 - noun

3. the earth.

4. a land or region.

TDM believes that to properly assess malfunctions requires a visit to the environment where the computer equipment normally operates which means that TDM focuses primarily on door to door service for computer consultancy and tutoring services. Digital media services will still be performed in house as well as a good portion of computer repairing.

TDM is committed to a friendly smile, a warm handshake and the best kind of service you could hope for and customer satisfaction is exactly how TDM thrives and prospers.

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