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Providing the Tablelands with quality digital media products, computer consulting and services, hardware diagnosis and tutoring. 

TDM Services

Our Servuces
Computer Diagnostics

Computer health checks performed to determine the status of your hardware and operating system.

Computer Repair

Hardware degrades over time and fails or becomes out dated. Repairs performed to bring your machine up to date.

Disaster Recovery

Virus attack, corrupt data, accidental reformat, HD crash can all lead to a disaster and TDM can recover your machine. 

Photo Restoration/Enhancement

Old photos given new life, new photos made vibrant, unwanted objects removed.

Graphic Design

Brochure design, flyer design, artwork for business cards, Contact TDM to discuss your needs.

Support Consulting

Discuss your needs with TDM and discover a solution that is right for you. 


“TDM did a great job on my old photos. It's like I just snapped them today. Excellent service”

J. L. Strauss
Edmonton, QLD

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